Smith's Gradings Credit Reports

Smith's Gradings Full Credit Reports

SMITH's Research & Gradings provides a selection of new issue Flash Reports.

SMITH’s Grading
scale provides a comprehensive and unified credit comparison that is consistently applied for all securities — from supranational organizations and sovereign risk gradings to sub-sovereign municipal entities and corporate credit analytics. It’s a principled and proven approach to credit analysis expressed on Smith’s universal scale. Since 1992, SMITH’s Gradings is a time-tested and performance-proven process. SMITH’s Research & Gradings exceeds the standards of the world’s central banks and financial regulatory authorities. SMITH’s Gradings has nearly 2 decades of default and recovery experience. SMITH’s Credit Grading System has three components: 1.) long-term ability to make timely debt service payments; 2.) recovery/residual value; 3.) event risk.

SMITH's Research & Gradings
can also produce full compliance reports, distressed gradings reports, portfolio gradings and customized credit reviews for board level requests.

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