High Yield Municipal Bond

High Yield Municipal Bond

SMITH's High Yield Municipal Bond Conference

Financing the infrastructure of  tomorrow through today's high yield municipal bond market.

SMITH's High-Yield Municipal Bond Conference explores how our market is making intelligent decisions about the future infrastructure that will support the American Economy.  

We will look at some major trends investors can explore in order to better understand the nature and durability of revenues pledged to support repayment of bonds over the next 30 years. For example, demographic trends such as the "Silver Tsunami" will not only impact healthcare and senior living, but also where people will move as well as how long they can work.  Technology changes, such as robots, 3D printers and autonomous vehicles, will impact the workforce, transportation and redefine manufacturing. Moreover, the events of today are creating stresses on the underpinning assumptions that supported yesterday's investment models for high yield bonds.

The quest for higher yielding after tax returns is booming.  Technical experts will talk about why the demand curve for tax-exempt paper is likely to increase during the next year. So, if you know how to buy these risky credits, you can maximize yields and optimize returns for your portfolio.


For additional details, including agenda, visit the High Yield section of our website: https://www.smithsresearch.net/high-yield-conference/

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